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Wood-fired restaurant cooking
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Here at Logs Direct, we believe that cooking on wood creates a unique and unparalleled flavour that’s the epitome of quality for diners. If you agree, and if you run a restaurant and serve wood and charcoal-cooked dishes to your customers, why not see if you’ve got what it takes to win a ‘Woody’?

What’s a Woody?

The LogsDirect Woody Awards is for wood-fired restaurants and caterers

The LogsDirect Woody Awards is for wood-fired restaurants and caterers

The Woody Award is our brand new award specifically for restaurants that serve food cooked on a barbecue, over a fire pit, in a wood-burning stove or pizza oven. As suppliers of wood fuel for restaurants, we’ve seen many fantastic establishments that meet the criteria.

It doesn’t matter if your restaurant is big or small, casual or formal – you just need to embrace the art of wood cooking and the resulting flavours and aromas.

How can you win a Woody?

Between May 2015 and April 2016 a grand total of 12 Woody awards are available to win. You have a chance to win every month, simply by collecting three reviews from customers that have enjoyed a wood-cooked meal at your restaurant. We need the customer’s name, information about what they ate and why they believe the food deserves an award.

If you want to win a Woody, collect together your three reviews and email enquiries@logsdirect.co.uk – it really couldn’t be easier! You can even enter each month, and if you win you’ll get the help of Logs Direct to publicise your success. Your new award will receive social media mentions, and the hashtag #WoodyWinner is ready for winners of our award.

You can find out more about winning a Woody Award by browsing our site or calling us on 01524 812476. We’re really looking forward to judging the competition, giving our awards and meeting our Woody winners. Don’t forget that you can enter to #WinaWoody every single month, even if you’re a previous winner. There are no rules to say that you can only win once, so with the right wood fuel for cooking and the right wood-cooked dishes on your menu, all that you’ll need to do is impress your customers and email their reviews to us.

Find out more about what Logs Direct can offer wood-fired restaurants and caterers on our restaurant page.

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Axes may have existed for almost all of human history, but if there’s one thing every handyman knows it’s that there’s always room for improvement. Up until now cutting wood has required a lot of force and a surprising amount of risk, but thanks to Finnish inventor Heikki Kärnä and his Leveraxe that’s no longer true.

Kärnä applied his knowledge of physics to replace the dangerous and labour intensive chopping motion of traditional axes with a levering effect. The Leveraxe’s head is side attached, subtly changing its centre of gravity, while the blade widens abruptly after the point of incision. The effect is a splitting force that multiplies the original kinetic energy of your swing by the lever action of the axe head, and if you know your Archimedes, you’ll know there isn’t much you can’t move with a decent lever. A single blow from the 1.9 kilogram axe head can open an 8cm fissure in a log, easily enough to separate it.

The increased effectiveness of each blow is an impressive benefit of the Leveraxe’s design, but it’s not the only one. The levering effect also has the benefit of preventing the axe from getting stuck after penetration and even lessens the risk of dangerous glancing blows. Plus, because the Leveraxe splits wood without needing to pass all the way through it, there’s less need for a chopping board. The Leveraxe will work just as well on stones or cliff, and when you use a chopping board there’ll be way less wear and tear than using a traditional axe.

The Leveraxe is also much safer to use than a traditional axe. Downward thrust is converted into rotational energy, so there’s no jarring shock passing back up through the user’s arms. The Leveraxe’s design even means that it naturally comes to rest on its side, keeping the blade facing away from the user while also handily stabilising the log.

In a world where gadgets are continually getting smaller it’s great to see some of that scientific know-how applied to making simple, physical tools safer and more efficient. It may be worthwhile to keep an eye out for what Kärnä thinks up next.

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To really bring your garden to life, try mixing in some fresh top soil. If your garden has poor quality soil, with too much sand, clay or stones, then your beloved plants will suffer. With low nutrition or poor roots your flowers might barely bloom before they wilt and your plants may struggle to live, let alone look lively. With our specially produced nutritious soil, made with 100% organic material, you can reintroduce the wow factor to your garden, making it look healthier, happier and brighter.

There’s no patch that our top soil couldn’t help improve. If you’re planning on re-laying turf, or even planting new grass outright, mixing in a layer of our top soil will give your grass a lovely layer to root in, giving you a livelier, greener lawn. Our mushroom compost, full of organic matter, is perfect for putting into your vegetable patch to grow bigger, tastier vegetables. Imagine sitting down to a filling dinner that was mostly grown in your own back garden.

It’s even worth using a bit of our top soil in your flower boxes and plant pots, especially in plants that might need re-potting. If they don’t have access to fresh soil, your plants will soon suck the food out of the little ground they’re given, so make sure to refresh your plants now and then to keep them growing strong. There’s nothing like a big, healthy flower on the window sill to brighten up your home.

Make your garden a paradise with the simple addition of top soil from Logs Direct. Good quality, natural, fertile soil, we know our stuff, and as always, we provide free delivery nationwide.

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Peat has been used as a fuel source for over 2,000 years, and when you look at all the benefits of burning peat, it’s easy to see why.

Convenience and Ease-Of-Use

Compressed peat briquettes are easy to handle and easy to use. Lightweight and compact, they are convenient for storage and let you avoid the mess that can be associated with other fuels. As the briquettes are formed from specially milled, compressed and dried peat, they take up much less space than many other fuels – great if storage space is at a premium. The convenience doesn’t stop when you add your peat briquette to your open fire or multi-use stove. Made from all-natural ingredients, with no fillers or binders, peat briquettes are extremely dry, meaning they are much easier to light than wood – peat briquettes are perfect for burning on your wood burning stove. Even better, when burning they produce a lovely characteristic scent, without smoke or high atmospheric emissions. This aroma is so pleasant that peat-scented candles and incense are popular purchases in countries that don’t tend to have peat fuel available!

Economy and Cost-Effectiveness

A large part of the appeal of peat as a fuel source is its economical nature and long-lasting heat. Six briquettes of peat will burn for 3 hours, the equivalent weight of wood would certainly not last the same amount of time. What’s more wood could potentially take up much more space in both your storage area and in your fire or stove. The high energy-density of peat means you get more bang for your buck.

It’s also environmentally friendly, Irish peat levels are currently replenishing faster than production levels.

If you’re looking for a smokeless fuel that is cost-effective, environmentally friendly, clean, easy to handle and gives a long-lasting heat, then smokeless peat briquettes might just be the perfect fuel source for you.

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With Christmas just around the corner, Logs Direct are taking inspiration from nature and bringing the outdoors indoors with decorative birch logs this year.

The beauty of decorative birch logs is that they come in a range of shapes and sizes so you can create effortlessly elegant displays throughout the home. We love the idea of displaying a bunch of decorative birch logs in a wicker log basket or crate, and adding festive foliage and strings of twinkling fairy lights to create a welcoming display as you enter the front door or in the conservatory. Why not snip a few branches from the Christmas tree and tuck them into your display to spread the scent of the tree around the house?

It goes without saying that birch logs, whether for decorative purposes or practical, look their best when stacked beside a wood burning stove or in the corner of a living room or kitchen to add height and interest to a bare wall. You can even cheat your way to your own farmhouse country kitchen and display decorative logs in an empty fireplace and add candles to create a warm glow.

Muted tones such as white, beige and soft grey work perfectly to accentuate the natural shapes and texture of decorative logs, while statement patterns like an old tartan throw, faux fur rug or exposed brick walls channel refined rusticity. Best of all, your decorative birch logs will only get better with age as the bark weathers, making them a timeless investment.

Decoration ideas and inspiration

  • Large logs make simple and functional side tables, or why not arrange three or four in height order beside the fireplace to create a mini feature?
  • Make the most of the logs’ natural shapes by fixing them to the floor to create a rustic feature underfoot. You could then use the off-cuts as DIY candle holders for centrepieces on the Christmas dinner table.
  • Choose a few longer logs and arrange them in a tall vase to add height and create a unique feature on bare landings, hallways and corners of the room.
  • White birch logs, noted for their pale, smooth bark are also part of the Logs Direct range so why not combine them with a bundle of decorative birch logs for an even more unique display?

Get your decorative birch Christmas logs from Logs Direct today.

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Logs Direct have added to their extensive range of firewood with a new air dried silver birch firewood crate. The logs are ready to be used straight away with a moisture content of around 15 – 20%.

The logs have been dried in the old fashioned way, by leaving them out in the open over a period of time. This drying process produces logs that have been properly seasoned with a moisture content of less than 20%. In fact most of the wood measures around 15%, making it perfect for using right away…Read more

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With planting season just around the corner, it’s a good idea to start preparing your soil right about now. Good soil preparation involves making sure that you’ve provided plenty of nutrients to feed the plant, and ensuring the texture and consistency of the soil allows for roots to grow. There are a variety of different ways in which to achieve this:

Topsoil is a perfect choice if you are bedding plants, laying down turf, or simply aiming to improve the quality of your existing soil. Good topsoil is soft and doesn’t contain stones, making it ideal for raking out or planting in.

Mushroom compost, meanwhile, is exceptional when it comes to improving your soil. It is largely made up of horse manure and wheat straw, amongst a variety of other organic components. Mushroom compost is a particularly good choice if you are intending to grow vegetables.

In the information age, buying compost online is as simple as can be. Online topsoil is widely available, and with retailers having relatively low overheads, you can be certain to find cheap compost on the web. Buying bulk compost will undoubtedly provide you with even more savings, as retailers will often offer discounts or free delivery for buying in bulk.

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In this article Logs Direct share their wisdom on how to store your kiln dried firewood as well as introducing their excellent range of log stores.  You can read the full article on kiln dried wood storage here.

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Anyone who loves a real fire knows that choosing the right solid fuel is essential. There are plenty of different options including woodcoal a smokeless fuel made from 100% natural products. Woodcoal is a cost effective option for many families who need something reliable, long lasting and clean.

Before you buy woodcoal it’s worth understanding some of the benefits of this solid fuel. Woodcoal is a flexible solution for most households because it is suitable for fuel stoves, room heaters and open fires. Unlike normal coal it won’t leave behind a trail of dirt and dust. So it’s ideal for a living room, kitchen and other parts of the house you need to keep clean.

Woodcoal is a  product that is extracted  from the ground like coal , but then processed  which makes it a longer burning solid fuel compared to other options. If you want to heat a room effectively then this will not only last longer but also generate excellent heat without the smoke.

When you buy woodcoal it comes in bags and each piece is a briquette which can be easily arranged in your open fire or stove. Each briquette is easy to handle and doesn’t crumble like other solid fuels. Once lit the woodcoal gives a wonderful warm glow which looks attractive in any living room and is ideal for anyone who’s new to using solid fuels.

For any family that needs an all-purpose, clean and smokeless fuel buying woodcoal is a natural choice. It’s easy to store in a scuttle or in a crate in the cellar just pick up the briquettes you need and then store the rest somewhere dry and secure.

Woodcoal is not an approved smokeless fuel in the UK at present, but can be used in all Defra approved stoves or in any stove and open fire outside of smoke controlled zones and is growing in popularity across the country. It’s the ideal solution for homes who want an efficient and attractive solid fuel in their fire, stove or heater.

LogsDirect currently have two special offers on woodcoal: A Winter woodcoal bundle for £177.49 and 20Kg bags of smokeless woodcoal fuel for £9.99.

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There’s not a lot that compares to cooking in the great outdoors on a sunny day surrounded by family and friends.

But how do you know which barbeque to buy? There are so many barbeques on the market that it’s hard to know what to go for. If you need help narrowing down your barbeque choices, consider these questions:

1. Do you want a charcoal barbecue or a gas bbq?

Cases can be made for both sides of this argument, so here it goes.


Pros: Flavour! Nothing says authentic like barbecue charcoal giving your meal a smokey taste. Charcoal bbqs can also, if you build up the coals correctly, get a lot hotter than their gas equivalents (great for searing steak). They’re also usually cheaper than comparable gas models.

Cons: It takes a lot longer to build up the heat on a charcoal barbeque and unless you’re an expert, controlling the temperature can be difficult. They’re also quite messy to clean.


Pros: Even cheap gas bbqs can be used all year round without worrying about standing for hours in the cold because they heat up really quickly. High end models are practically like having a second oven. It’s easier to control the temperature which means you can cook more reliably and you can clean them quickly.

Cons: They’re much more expensive than their charcoal barbeque counterparts, both in upfront cost and ongoing fees as there’s more specialised equipment (ie valves) that needs to be maintained.

2. How many people are you likely to be cooking for?

This is pretty straightforward. If you’ve got a big family then you’re going to want a bigger barbeques. If it’s just one or two of you, it might be best getting a small portable barbeque – fast to set up and clean and great for weekend trips away.

3. What features and accessories do you really need from your barbeque?

Thermometers come as standard on most modern barbeques and they’re essential if you’re a fussy cooker who wants their steak done just right. Safety is a big thing, especially if you have a young family, so consider sturdy barbeques with hoods and lids. Don’t forget about utensils and an apron!

5. The big one: how much are you willing to spend?

As with most purchases in life, you get what you pay for. It’s usually best to avoid the cheapest unknown brands as they’re likely to degrade much more quickly than the next step up the price bracket. From there, it’s all about weighing the cost against your needs, whether you’re looking for a cheap gas barbeque for the occasional cook-up or an all-inclusive titanium construct that will do you anything from sausages to a roast dinner.