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With Christmas just around the corner, Logs Direct are taking inspiration from nature and bringing the outdoors indoors with decorative birch logs this year.

The beauty of decorative birch logs is that they come in a range of shapes and sizes so you can create effortlessly elegant displays throughout the home. We love the idea of displaying a bunch of decorative birch logs in a wicker log basket or crate, and adding festive foliage and strings of twinkling fairy lights to create a welcoming display as you enter the front door or in the conservatory. Why not snip a few branches from the Christmas tree and tuck them into your display to spread the scent of the tree around the house?

It goes without saying that birch logs, whether for decorative purposes or practical, look their best when stacked beside a wood burning stove or in the corner of a living room or kitchen to add height and interest to a bare wall. You can even cheat your way to your own farmhouse country kitchen and display decorative logs in an empty fireplace and add candles to create a warm glow.

Muted tones such as white, beige and soft grey work perfectly to accentuate the natural shapes and texture of decorative logs, while statement patterns like an old tartan throw, faux fur rug or exposed brick walls channel refined rusticity. Best of all, your decorative birch logs will only get better with age as the bark weathers, making them a timeless investment.

Decoration ideas and inspiration

  • Large logs make simple and functional side tables, or why not arrange three or four in height order beside the fireplace to create a mini feature?
  • Make the most of the logs’ natural shapes by fixing them to the floor to create a rustic feature underfoot. You could then use the off-cuts as DIY candle holders for centrepieces on the Christmas dinner table.
  • Choose a few longer logs and arrange them in a tall vase to add height and create a unique feature on bare landings, hallways and corners of the room.
  • White birch logs, noted for their pale, smooth bark are also part of the Logs Direct range so why not combine them with a bundle of decorative birch logs for an even more unique display?

Get your decorative birch Christmas logs from Logs Direct today.

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