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Peat has been used as a fuel source for over 2,000 years, and when you look at all the benefits of burning peat, it’s easy to see why.

Convenience and Ease-Of-Use

Compressed peat briquettes are easy to handle and easy to use. Lightweight and compact, they are convenient for storage and let you avoid the mess that can be associated with other fuels. As the briquettes are formed from specially milled, compressed and dried peat, they take up much less space than many other fuels – great if storage space is at a premium. The convenience doesn’t stop when you add your peat briquette to your open fire or multi-use stove. Made from all-natural ingredients, with no fillers or binders, peat briquettes are extremely dry, meaning they are much easier to light than wood – peat briquettes are perfect for burning on your wood burning stove. Even better, when burning they produce a lovely characteristic scent, without smoke or high atmospheric emissions. This aroma is so pleasant that peat-scented candles and incense are popular purchases in countries that don’t tend to have peat fuel available!

Economy and Cost-Effectiveness

A large part of the appeal of peat as a fuel source is its economical nature and long-lasting heat. Six briquettes of peat will burn for 3 hours, the equivalent weight of wood would certainly not last the same amount of time. What’s more wood could potentially take up much more space in both your storage area and in your fire or stove. The high energy-density of peat means you get more bang for your buck.

It’s also environmentally friendly, Irish peat levels are currently replenishing faster than production levels.

If you’re looking for a smokeless fuel that is cost-effective, environmentally friendly, clean, easy to handle and gives a long-lasting heat, then smokeless peat briquettes might just be the perfect fuel source for you.

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