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To really bring your garden to life, try mixing in some fresh top soil. If your garden has poor quality soil, with too much sand, clay or stones, then your beloved plants will suffer. With low nutrition or poor roots your flowers might barely bloom before they wilt and your plants may struggle to live, let alone look lively. With our specially produced nutritious soil, made with 100% organic material, you can reintroduce the wow factor to your garden, making it look healthier, happier and brighter.

There’s no patch that our top soil couldn’t help improve. If you’re planning on re-laying turf, or even planting new grass outright, mixing in a layer of our top soil will give your grass a lovely layer to root in, giving you a livelier, greener lawn. Our mushroom compost, full of organic matter, is perfect for putting into your vegetable patch to grow bigger, tastier vegetables. Imagine sitting down to a filling dinner that was mostly grown in your own back garden.

It’s even worth using a bit of our top soil in your flower boxes and plant pots, especially in plants that might need re-potting. If they don’t have access to fresh soil, your plants will soon suck the food out of the little ground they’re given, so make sure to refresh your plants now and then to keep them growing strong. There’s nothing like a big, healthy flower on the window sill to brighten up your home.

Make your garden a paradise with the simple addition of top soil from Logs Direct. Good quality, natural, fertile soil, we know our stuff, and as always, we provide free delivery nationwide.

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