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Wood-fired restaurant cooking
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Here at Logs Direct, we believe that cooking on wood creates a unique and unparalleled flavour that’s the epitome of quality for diners. If you agree, and if you run a restaurant and serve wood and charcoal-cooked dishes to your customers, why not see if you’ve got what it takes to win a ‘Woody’?

What’s a Woody?

The LogsDirect Woody Awards is for wood-fired restaurants and caterers

The LogsDirect Woody Awards is for wood-fired restaurants and caterers

The Woody Award is our brand new award specifically for restaurants that serve food cooked on a barbecue, over a fire pit, in a wood-burning stove or pizza oven. As suppliers of wood fuel for restaurants, we’ve seen many fantastic establishments that meet the criteria.

It doesn’t matter if your restaurant is big or small, casual or formal – you just need to embrace the art of wood cooking and the resulting flavours and aromas.

How can you win a Woody?

Between May 2015 and April 2016 a grand total of 12 Woody awards are available to win. You have a chance to win every month, simply by collecting three reviews from customers that have enjoyed a wood-cooked meal at your restaurant. We need the customer’s name, information about what they ate and why they believe the food deserves an award.

If you want to win a Woody, collect together your three reviews and email enquiries@logsdirect.co.uk – it really couldn’t be easier! You can even enter each month, and if you win you’ll get the help of Logs Direct to publicise your success. Your new award will receive social media mentions, and the hashtag #WoodyWinner is ready for winners of our award.

You can find out more about winning a Woody Award by browsing our site or calling us on 01524 812476. We’re really looking forward to judging the competition, giving our awards and meeting our Woody winners. Don’t forget that you can enter to #WinaWoody every single month, even if you’re a previous winner. There are no rules to say that you can only win once, so with the right wood fuel for cooking and the right wood-cooked dishes on your menu, all that you’ll need to do is impress your customers and email their reviews to us.

Find out more about what Logs Direct can offer wood-fired restaurants and caterers on our restaurant page.

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