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Concerns about the finite nature of natural resources as well as issues around pollution are prompting many householders to carefully consider the pros and cons of the various energy options on offer before deciding on the most suitable option. Whilst it may seem at first sight that appliances and heating systems that use electricity are the greenest choices on the market, the reality is more complex. Take a look at why wood fired cooking or smokeless coal may well offer the most environmentally friendly energy source.

Consider green production methods

Wood fired cooking in a Valloriani oven

Wood fired cooking in a Valloriani oven

Our kindling and logs, for example, are harvested from sustainable sources and left to dry for a year or so to ensure that they generate the maximum amount of heat when burned. Contrast this with electricity production, where large amounts of natural oil or gas are needed to generate the power, further depleting already limited resources.


Smokeless fuel releases only tiny amounts of particulate matter when it burns. Similarly, wood is generally considered to be a “clean” fuel. Whilst electricity may not emit particulate matter or release smoke whilst it’s being used in your home, if you consider the significant levels of pollution that electric power stations produce, it’s clear that electricity is sadly not as green as initially envisaged. Biomass fuels actually contribute to the carbon cycle, with carbon being released into the atmosphere during burning then taken up by plants (through the absorption of CO2 during photosynthesis).

Energy efficiency

Particularly when you opt to use biomass energy for your home, you’re using energy in a highly concentrated form. This results in a large percentage of the available energy being emitted as heat. When used in contemporary heating systems and stoves, it’s possible to meet all your energy needs using only a very small amount of solid fuel.

Given the enormous aesthetic appeal and charm of wood or coal powered appliances, it’s good to know they also have many environmental benefits. With so many advantages, it’s little wonder that a growing number of our eco-aware customers recognise the value of using solid fuel to meet their green energy needs.

Funky old fashioned well

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