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Wood Fired Pizza Oven are popular at Festivals
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Pizza at a festival weekend, country show or similar event used to be a soggy and limp affair compared to the delights of hog roasts, gourmet burgers and other treats on offer. However, the classic rustic pizza is making a strong comeback at these places, thanks to a rise in the number of mobile wood burning pizza businesses, offering perfectly crispy bases and gorgeously melted mozzarella, plus your choice of toppings.

If you’ve ever snacked on these delightful pizzas, you might just be tempted to put your own wood fired pizzeria oven in the garden. Enthusiasts need only fire bricks, suitable clay, plus the space and time to build it. There are many books or websites showing how to create a great looking oven. Those wanting to go the more direct route can buy a metal oven that can be built in a hour or so, and fired up that day. Of course, you’ll need plenty of kiln-dried wood for pizza ovens, and we can provide regular supplies of wood for you.

Once you’ve got a pizza oven in your garden, that gorgeous smell might just give you the impetus to go one step further and set up your own mobile wood fired pizza oven business. With huge numbers of festivals, car and air shows, rallies, dog shows, country sporting events and countless other events, there is a fast growing market for all types of food, and mobile pizza ovens are becoming very popular. That’s largely thanks to the pizza’s size (feeding a family or couple for less), their ease of portability among crowds of people and their lower cost than those previously mentioned burgers and hog roasts.

A freshly cooked pizza is certainly more appealing than the usual thin grey mass-produced burgers and other offerings from the many tired old vans that haunt these events. All you need is a trailer for the oven and fridge for your ingredients plus a plentiful supply of kiln dried logs, and you’re ready to go. Naturally, as a business you’ll also have to attend the appropriate food hygiene courses, install washing facilities, pass the various health and safety inspections, and obtain insurance, but as the number of places to trade continues to grow rapidly, a thriving business could soon be yours.

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