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Logs Direct have added to their extensive range of firewood with a new air dried silver birch firewood crate. The logs are ready to be used straight away with a moisture content of around 15 – 20%.

The logs have been dried in the old fashioned way, by leaving them out in the open over a period of time. This drying process produces logs that have been properly seasoned with a moisture content of less than 20%. In fact most of the wood measures around 15%, making it perfect for using right away…Read more

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With planting season just around the corner, it’s a good idea to start preparing your soil right about now. Good soil preparation involves making sure that you’ve provided plenty of nutrients to feed the plant, and ensuring the texture and consistency of the soil allows for roots to grow. There are a variety of different ways in which to achieve this:

Topsoil is a perfect choice if you are bedding plants, laying down turf, or simply aiming to improve the quality of your existing soil. Good topsoil is soft and doesn’t contain stones, making it ideal for raking out or planting in.

Mushroom compost, meanwhile, is exceptional when it comes to improving your soil. It is largely made up of horse manure and wheat straw, amongst a variety of other organic components. Mushroom compost is a particularly good choice if you are intending to grow vegetables.

In the information age, buying compost online is as simple as can be. Online topsoil is widely available, and with retailers having relatively low overheads, you can be certain to find cheap compost on the web. Buying bulk compost will undoubtedly provide you with even more savings, as retailers will often offer discounts or free delivery for buying in bulk.

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In this article Logs Direct share their wisdom on how to store your kiln dried firewood as well as introducing their excellent range of log stores.  You can read the full article on kiln dried wood storage here.

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Anyone who loves a real fire knows that choosing the right solid fuel is essential. There are plenty of different options including woodcoal a smokeless fuel made from 100% natural products. Woodcoal is a cost effective option for many families who need something reliable, long lasting and clean.

Before you buy woodcoal it’s worth understanding some of the benefits of this solid fuel. Woodcoal is a flexible solution for most households because it is suitable for fuel stoves, room heaters and open fires. Unlike normal coal it won’t leave behind a trail of dirt and dust. So it’s ideal for a living room, kitchen and other parts of the house you need to keep clean.

Woodcoal is a  product that is extracted  from the ground like coal , but then processed  which makes it a longer burning solid fuel compared to other options. If you want to heat a room effectively then this will not only last longer but also generate excellent heat without the smoke.

When you buy woodcoal it comes in bags and each piece is a briquette which can be easily arranged in your open fire or stove. Each briquette is easy to handle and doesn’t crumble like other solid fuels. Once lit the woodcoal gives a wonderful warm glow which looks attractive in any living room and is ideal for anyone who’s new to using solid fuels.

For any family that needs an all-purpose, clean and smokeless fuel buying woodcoal is a natural choice. It’s easy to store in a scuttle or in a crate in the cellar just pick up the briquettes you need and then store the rest somewhere dry and secure.

Woodcoal is not an approved smokeless fuel in the UK at present, but can be used in all Defra approved stoves or in any stove and open fire outside of smoke controlled zones and is growing in popularity across the country. It’s the ideal solution for homes who want an efficient and attractive solid fuel in their fire, stove or heater.

LogsDirect currently have two special offers on woodcoal: A Winter woodcoal bundle for £177.49 and 20Kg bags of smokeless woodcoal fuel for £9.99.

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There’s not a lot that compares to cooking in the great outdoors on a sunny day surrounded by family and friends.

But how do you know which barbeque to buy? There are so many barbeques on the market that it’s hard to know what to go for. If you need help narrowing down your barbeque choices, consider these questions:

1. Do you want a charcoal barbecue or a gas bbq?

Cases can be made for both sides of this argument, so here it goes.


Pros: Flavour! Nothing says authentic like barbecue charcoal giving your meal a smokey taste. Charcoal bbqs can also, if you build up the coals correctly, get a lot hotter than their gas equivalents (great for searing steak). They’re also usually cheaper than comparable gas models.

Cons: It takes a lot longer to build up the heat on a charcoal barbeque and unless you’re an expert, controlling the temperature can be difficult. They’re also quite messy to clean.


Pros: Even cheap gas bbqs can be used all year round without worrying about standing for hours in the cold because they heat up really quickly. High end models are practically like having a second oven. It’s easier to control the temperature which means you can cook more reliably and you can clean them quickly.

Cons: They’re much more expensive than their charcoal barbeque counterparts, both in upfront cost and ongoing fees as there’s more specialised equipment (ie valves) that needs to be maintained.

2. How many people are you likely to be cooking for?

This is pretty straightforward. If you’ve got a big family then you’re going to want a bigger barbeques. If it’s just one or two of you, it might be best getting a small portable barbeque – fast to set up and clean and great for weekend trips away.

3. What features and accessories do you really need from your barbeque?

Thermometers come as standard on most modern barbeques and they’re essential if you’re a fussy cooker who wants their steak done just right. Safety is a big thing, especially if you have a young family, so consider sturdy barbeques with hoods and lids. Don’t forget about utensils and an apron!

5. The big one: how much are you willing to spend?

As with most purchases in life, you get what you pay for. It’s usually best to avoid the cheapest unknown brands as they’re likely to degrade much more quickly than the next step up the price bracket. From there, it’s all about weighing the cost against your needs, whether you’re looking for a cheap gas barbeque for the occasional cook-up or an all-inclusive titanium construct that will do you anything from sausages to a roast dinner.

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With winter well on its way, children across the nation are looking forward to schools closed by snow, snowball fights in the park and fun times with friends building snowmen. While many adults may be secretly looking forward to snowball fights, this anticipation is tempered by the memories of the horrors of last year’s harsh weather. Who can forget the closed roads, dangerous driving conditions and freezing cold nights that the nation endured in the last season?

Fortunately, Logs Direct are well prepared to help the nation get through the worst of weather. People around the country will be relieved to know that Logs Direct have put plans in place to ensure the delivery of kiln dried logs in the very worst of weather conditions. This week they took delivery of a new snow plough and tractor, so that no matter what the weather conditions, the Logs Direct site and their firewood for sale will remain accessible to both customer vehicles and Logs Direct delivery trucks. Delivery of kiln dried logs will not be foiled by the weather.

The Logs Direct ethos emphasises reliable deliveries of their firewood logs so that all of their customers can count on a cosy wood fire to warm the cold winter evenings. During the snows of last year Logs Direct vowed that future snowfall would not prevent them from catering to their loyal customers – after all, it is in those conditions that their supplies of kiln dried firewood are most needed. As such they quickly decided that something needed to be done to prepare for this season. Unfortunately, the team of huskies that they tried out at first spent more time fetching the kiln dried firewood than towing it on sleds, so they decided to go with the next best option – their own snow plough that would guarantee the ability to keep the Logs Direct operation running no matter what the weather!

santa claus stuck in a log

Of course, the biggest worry that heavy snow will bring is the danger that Santa Claus could find his sleigh stuck in a drift. The Logs Direct team are well used to chimneys of all types, and if Santa Claus requires any assistance this year, they guarantee to have their new snow plough and tractor available to help him get his sleigh back in the air. As always, Logs Direct advises the nation to make sure that their warming wood fire is not so hot that it burns Santa’s toes.

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We reckon that when world-famous hauliers Eddie Stobart named their first truck ‘Twiggy’ they must have known one day they would be signing up to distribute our firewood!

Logs Direct has just started using these leading hauliers for some of our National distribution work.

From Lands End to John O’Groats the world famous trucks will be making regional deliveries of kiln dried wood, wood pellets, seasoned hardwood and softwood fuels to some of our commercial and domestic customers.

Eddie Stobart is the leading company in the UK for transport and logistics, with more than 2,250 trucks criss-crossing the country every day. In fact, an Eddie Stobart vehicle, with its
distinctive green and red livery, is passed on average every 4.5 minutes when driving on the country’s major roads.

The world famous brand is followed by more than 25,000 members of the Stobart Club, dedicated fans who spend their time spotting the iconic trucks and collecting the individual
girls’ names on each and every one of them.

Nation-wide firewood distribution is a good fit for two British companies which are both doing their bit to look after the environment. Logs Direct, based in North Lancashire, are one of the leading suppliers of carbon neutral fuels in the UK.

Burning wood fuel in the form of wood burner logs is far more environmentally friendly than burning other fossil fuels such as oil, coal and gas which release high levels of carbon dioxide
into the atmosphere.

We fire our kilns with renewable biomass fuels which reduce our impact on the environment. Furthermore because we are a direct supplier of fire logs and manage our own processing, kiln drying and warehousing, we are cutting out the middle man and reducing our transport costs – a saving we pass on to you.

Eddie Stobart has invested heavily in biomass fuels to make the transport industry more sustainable. They have also introduced modal shift operations which reduces carbon emissions
by using rail, sea and air transport in addition to the road to make their journeys as environmentally-friendly as possible.

As winter approaches, we can ensure that wherever you are in the UK, we can keep your homes warm and cosy throughout the coldest season. We offer free regional delivery of kiln dried logs and other high quality products. This commitment to the environment and to you our customers means that we can satisfy the growing demand for our products, both now and in the future.

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UK firewood and eco fuel supplier, Logs Direct has recently launched its newly branded ‘Warma’ range of home fuels. The new range is made up of kiln dried wood products, coal and smokeless fuels and firelighting products.

The Warma range is only available through our network of distributors throughout the UK and Ireland. A group of specialists from the Logs Direct team have selected the best products for our retail partners and combined this with elegant and well produced packaging to enhance their shelves.

Logs direct is based in Lancashire and was started over ten years ago by father and son team Alan and Andrew Foulds. They have progressed and develop and today produce over 4000 units per day to become one of the top hardwood, softwood and kiln dried wood suppliers in the UK.

Warma was launched at the annual Hearth and homes exhibition in Harrogate, for three days many of the National fireplace showrooms and independent shops came on the stand to visit this new range and to see for themselves what had been created and the response was brilliant. One such customer commented,

“at last a retail friendly range of winter fuel products “.

Many more positive comments were received about the presentation of the warma Range of products.

You can see the full range of Warma products on the new Warma Home Fuels website.

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With energy costs continuing to rise and no sign yet of a viable low cost alternative, more and more people are switching back to traditional methods of heating their home. Open fires and wood burning stoves are becoming increasingly popular and, as a result, the wood industry has enjoyed steady growth in recent years.

Aside from turning back to these methods in order to save on energy costs, there have been considerable improvements elsewhere that have helped the industry no end.

Some years ago, anything involving the wood industry tended to court a bad press. Deforestation and the affect that it had on the environment were both in the news and the industry was undoubtedly affected. Thankfully, these days wood such as that which is used to make kindling and fuel for fires and stoves is, in the main, taken from renewable sources. The wood industry has certainly woken up to these issues and the positive actions that is has taken have, in turn, produced a positive affect on demand.

The wood industry has also made significant improvements in the products that it is associated with. Far from being a dying trade, people are turning back to traditional heating methods as they fight back against the rising costs of heating their home.

As a result, many logs used in fires and wood burning stoves are purpose made and are therefore more suited to the task.

Purpose made logs, such as Blazers Eco Logs or Kiln Dried Logs are lighter and easier to handle, they light more easily and burn hotter for longer and are therefore far more economical.

The wood industry hasn’t enjoyed this growth by accident: It has recognised the needs for its products and has improved them accordingly along with its overall image. With this greener outlook and improved range of products, it looks set to thrive for many years to come.